Adventure With Dogs Goals For The Next 12 Months

I started blogging again- you may have noticed. I’m really trying to make it look better and include more content but it’s not always that easy. Some of my excuses include – not enough time,lack of good quality photos – no inspiration, the usual. However I thought if I put it on my blog then maybe I might be able to stick at it and you guys can keep me accountable.   
So over the next year (I realise now that this should have been a new year new goals post) I hope to improve on all of these things- I will possibly revise this over the next few months.

1-Improve my blogs photography

2-Improve the overall look of this blog

3-Get Social Media savvy

4-Learn to edit content better

5-Take more video clips

6-Create a social media/blog schedule

7-Get more video/photography equipment 


1-I obtained a dslr camera as a late Christmas present and fully intend on practicing with it more as I’ve gotten so used to using my iPhone for all of pictures – I also need to learn how to use it in manual mode and also with little extra pieces of equipment you will see my photography improve. By just getting out and about and having my Canon Eos 300d on hand has made the last months worth of pics look just great so I will definitely be doing more of that.

Previous pics with the iPhone 5s:

Not bad really- I do love using it and won’t stop but the quality of pictures for my blog are awesome with the Dslr: 

Obviously a lot better I think you will agree.

Using Dropbox to store pics from my camera onto my iPhone and using the Snapseed app to edit pics perfectly for Instagram and other social media platforms has now become my main focus. I am beginning to really love this part of the process.

2- Continue to learn how to use WordPress and to make it more user friendly – I am not the best at web design so will need to ask for more help on this one – I also intend to upgrade my business websites in the near future and can hopefully do it for little or no money.

3- Get more active with Facebook and will try to do a Facebook Friday live video once a week as well as a twitter Tuesday using periscope live- I also need to be more active in creating video content that can also go onto our you tube channel. I will also incorporate my blog pics onto my Pinterest account and promote my blog in Facebook groups – I may add a live snapchat evening and Instagram live during the day if I get the chance. Here is my recent Facebook cover using the Canva app.

My Instagram accounts are the most popular at the moment and I will continue to add lovely pics and videos as well as Instagram stories if I can fit it all in and continue to do giveaways on milestone amounts like 2000 followers on my business account and 1000 followers will be coming up within the next few weeks I think.

A little something from my Instagram accounts:

4- Possibly get better equipment in the future so I can do more video editing on both my iPhone and the Dslr (I have downloaded the iMovie app in preperation for this) and watch more YouTube videos on how to do this- then the world is my oyster in regards to content including vlogging! I will also continue to get more savvy on what’s popular through trending alerts and especially what trending on twitter (I get a lot of inspiration from twitter as it is so fast paced).

5-Getting more video footage using the dslr will be a major priority as will using the Gopro session and its accessories more often. (I’m thinking dog POV and Underwater footage) 😀
6-Try to learn how to use each social media platform to its best ability I use – Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Bloglovin Snapchat and Pinterest so watch this space!

I definitely need to get into the habit of making a rough schedule for blogging and social media ideas as I tend to have so many at once! And with the constant updates to apps there is so many ways to get content out into the world!

Above is an Instagram post, Pinterest pin and YouTube graphics made with Canva.

And Finally 7-Gradually over time collate more bits and pieces to use with the iPhone and dslr cameras and Gopro – this week I’m trying out my selfie light and clip on iPhone lenses 😀

So it is safe to say I’ve got a lot on! Best get cracking then.😆

Forgive me if I take a week off from blogging as it’s my birthday next weekend by the following weekend we hope to get out for our first weekend away in the campervan with dogs so watch this space (weather permitting we are hoping to visit Sherwood Forest and the Peak District) I’m so looking forward to it ❤

Below are all of my social media handles/links – feel free to pop over and see what you think!!

My Business Website For About Town Petcare

My business Facebook Page (About Town Petcare)
Adventure With Dogs Facebook Page
Adventure Dogs Uk on Youtube
About Town Petcare on Instagram
Adventure With Dogs on Instagram
About Town Petcare on Twitter
Adventure Dogs Uk on Twitter
Find me on Pinterest @ahhimamonster

Find me on Snapchat @ahhimamonster 

Keep Adventuring S & J xx

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