Scout has mended! The things we’ve learned…

So yet again it’s been a crazy few months since I last posted and I’m sorry it’s been 3 months since I last did a blog post but our poor poster boy Scout injured himself back in October and after a few incompetent vet visits, two failed operations,a £2000 vets bill and secondary wound on his elbow caused by a rubbing bandage, Scout is finally mended and has an 8 inch scar to prove it. 

We are just so glad that Joe no longer needs to sleep in the kitchen with him or on the sofa bed downstairs to keep the others from opening his stitches and that he no longer needs his cone on (I’m sure he had gotten a bit attached to that thing!). 

We are very tentative about playing full on ball games with Scout as well as letting him off near wooded areas but he will get there- I am just so grateful that he is such a placid dog and really didn’t mind resting or staying in a lot and not going for a walk for the best part of 3 months! 

Adventure Scout you have been a trooper and now you have a gnarly scar you can show off to all the ladies!! He really is the best dog (albeit a clumsy bugger!!).

From This:

To This;

Things we’ve learnt from this experience:

1) Always get a second opinion at the vets if you think a procedure sounds a bit extortionate.

2) Ask others vets in the area if they can do a similar procedure for any less (our vet said we had to go to a specialist but a local vet was more than capable of doing the procedure for £1000 less!) 

3) Try to put off visiting the vet when there is a locum or out of hours vet at the weekend- as they may panic and do a procedure that could have waited until Monday but instead sends you on a wild goose chase backwards and forwards to an out of hours vet that basically did nothing except keep an eye on an open wound!!

4) Make sure your vets has a solid out of hours procedure or is open 24hours- see above🙁

5) Make sure you check your insurance policy correctly as we thought the major procedure would be covered by our insurance but we had a £1000 cap per incident and our bill was £2600 – goodbye Joes credit card.

6) Take a canine first aid course- this came in really handy as I had just refreshed my bandaging skills only 3 weeks previously- as Scouts skin graft procedure failed- all that was left to do was bandage his wound (which was in his elbow pit, so was going to take a really long time – 3-4months to heal correctly) with advice from our new vet we were able to do this ourselves after a couple of visits to check on him – this saved us about £30 every other day for 3 months!!

7) Shop around (with advice from your vet obviously) in regards to padding, dressings and Manuka honey (medical grade) to aid wound care we used Amazon and our local Buyology store as well as my 2 Canine first aid kits at home to supply us with cheaper alternatives to the vets products (i.e.: a 10g tube of activon Manukau at the vets was £7.50) on amazon they are £11.50 for 3 tubes of 25g each) they were exactly the same brand. Other items such as spot on and wormers can also be bought cheaper online (and also some items that may just need a veterinary prescription) We use Medic Animal NOTE we obviously used the vets for antibiotics and pain relief as Scout needed that right away.

8) If your dog has stitches you will be charged per pack of 40 whether or not they use them all and you are charged per minute for aneisthetic.

10) Find a vets that does not charge for post op visits – thank goodness our vet really cared about him afterwards and really took the time to get to know that Scout was a massive girls blouse 😆

11) Finally – we realised that we are pretty damn good at wound care and bandaging now! So let me know if you need any advice- FYI it helps when your mother in law is  an auxiliary nurse 😍

Scout has a small cut the size of half a 5 pence piece now from a 4 inch deep open wound near his artery – what a wonderful thing the body is and thank goodness for patience and a very healthy dog to begin with. 

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes over the past 3/4 months as  we even had to miss out on honeymoon in October to pay his vets bills – understandably it has been hard but there was nothing else to be done but grin and bare it and persevere for Scout and now he is fine again! Phew 😀… he has one more vets visit to keep an eye on his deep scarring but other than that he is good to go on more hikes.

Here are some pics from last weekend when we went for our hike with Scout to Merrivale on Dartmoor 🐾

I will not leave it so late next time …..famous last words😀

Keep Adventuring

S&J x

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