Pet Product Review Part 2- Natures Menu and Dooleys

Again , it is the weekend and it’s time for another product review- due to last weeks review taking up so much space I have had to continue on to this week. All the opinions are my own ….. 

Products are kindly given to me to review from Natures Menu Pet Products,  Dooleys Pet Care and Teepol Products with special thanks to our local pet store Red Paw Pet Store – Plympton

Natures Menu – Country Hunter  Superfood Selection

I have been given the new wet food  product from Natures Menu the Country hunter superfood sachets come in a very well packaged and colourful box of 12 X 150g foil sachets perfect for adding to mixer or supplementing dried food or complete dog food. I have been trying these out on my three dogs over the last 3/4 days and it’s safe to say they love them . Even my stubborn Jack Russell (who sometimes refuses to eat in the morning) loves them and looks forward to her meal.

These sachets are made in Britain and contain organically sourced, ethically traceable meats and have human grade quantities of meat. Bare in mind that I had sausages for lunch today, that were 61% pork – these are a minimum of 80% meat in each instance and the rest is made up mostly of fruit or veg with only the remaining 9% being vitamin additives and trace elements. This makes me very happy indeed that there are more and more ethically aware pet food companies nowadays who know that people like to feed their animals like they feed themselves. With farm reared turkey, free range chicken, grass grazed beef (as apposed to grain fed cattle 🙁) the only questionable source being the succulent duck (which I’m sure they will be more than happy to tell me where it is sourced) these ingredients all make up the basis for A Raw Diet if you wanted to go down that route when feeding your pet (advice on this in the link above) – something I am seriously considering for my three dogs.

The consistency of these sachets were very nice and you can tell it has the berries in it as the meat was slightly tinged purple 😀 Personally I think I would go through too many sachets to solely feed my dogs on these but once in a while as a treat they are perfect- I would highly recommend these and will probably be buying them again👍well done Natures Menu!

Dooleys Biological Odour Remover

The biological odour remover in lemon fresh from Dooleys Pet Care range definitely what is says on the outside – it removes any unwanted smells from fabrics and instead of masking them like some very well known products would do – it does biologically lift the bacteria which creates the odour leaving a fairly strong lemon fresh odour- I would recommend that you do a fabric test first as I used this on a cream mattress cover and it left the area a blueish green colour which I had to scrub to remove- I probably used the product too close,to be honest, but it did leave the area odour free and the colour did come out. Obviously this product is animal cruelty free and animal safe to use in your home so it is great for a multi pet household however for the retail price of about £4.49 I think it wouldn’t be too expensive for someone who buysa similar product from the supermarket,especially if you have multiple pets. 

Tag fresh air freshener

This product is currently in my new car- now if anyone has been in my car will tell you (due to the sheer amount of damp muddy dogs that frequent it) it is a damp dog smelling car 5 out of 7 days of the week- I often have to change an average car air freshener about once a week but with this silicone style tag fresh one I am on week 2 and it is still very strong (I have used the floral scented one). You can also get citronella, lemon and apple fresh as well, so I will definitely be trying the citronella one when we finally get around to taking our campervan on holiday to France and need to keep the mosquitos away!

When the tag fresh air freshener is ready to be changed (about 30 days later) it will change to a blueish colour and you can change it over – it is very reasonably priced and considering it will not really need changing for 3/4weeks I can save myself about £1 a week and spend the £2 for the product.

These air fresheners have been around for a very long time so I am very surprised that I am only just hearing about them now- airline companies use them as well as the NHS.

I will definitely be purchasing this product again👍.

Dooleys Universal Cleaner – Fragrance Free

Great for most tough pet stains around the house on most fabrics and wipeable surfaces – I have mostly been using this to clean the inside and outside of our cars lately which is particularly covered in pet hair dust and muddy paw prints after a working week- I can have anywhere up to 13 dogs a day in and out of my poor car so it needs a good clean at least once a week as well as cleaning the trays inside my dog crates both in the car and at home – this also works very well on the outside of the car removing tougher wheel trims marks. I combine in on the front seat cover with Biological Odour Remover as this is the place that era really damp and dog smelling during the week- last week it rained so I couldn’t get any good videos but here are a couple of before and after using the above products- I will say that it was better in the wipeable surfaces than the carpet type fabrics in my car but bare in my car is very heavily soiled I’m sure it might fair better in a car with only a couple of dogs- 

All you need to do now Dooleys is invent something that pulls stubborn dog hair off fabrics and I will be very happy!

Before (follow the link to my Facebook page)

Facebook page before video
After (link opens in a new window)

Facebook Page After Video
So to sum up which of the products I would definitely be buying again 

– Dooleys Hand Sanitizer – Dooleys Disenfectant Cleaner Pet Safe – Teepols Tag Fresh Air Fresheners – Dooley’s Anti Bac Shampoo and Natures Menu Hunter Supefood Sachets 👍

Next week….How I get lucky with IPhone photography and how I edit photos for Social Media ❤️🐶🐾

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