Product Review: Dooleys and Teepol 

Hello people, 

I’m amazed that I’m actually on time with this post and have managed to get myself in order to post again, a week after my last post! 

All of the opinions below are my own ….let’s begin. 

This weeks post is centred around some products from Teepol and their sister product company Dooleys Pet Care Range – whose CEO Del was kind enough to meet me at Red Paw Pet Shop in Plympton, Plymouth (all the way from Kent) to give me the passionate low down on these lovely products. He really does care about these products and knows that they would do well under review.

Brought about from a need to provide his own dog with some personal hygiene products that would not, just mask odours but get rid of them (catering for Dooleys curly coat and his obvious love for a muddy puddle as well) Del decided to use his larger company Teepol (which provides high quality cleaning and hygiene products for larger companies including the NHS) to start and make products that are pet friendly and most importantly, definitely not tested on animals.

All products were tested by battersea dogs homes residents and were very much approved 😀

The range of products can be found on the links above but I will be reviewing a few this week and continue next week- I would like to stress that if I didn’t like any of the products I would adamantly say so –

Teepol Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

I was very happy with this product from the beginning after being told that it contains added glycerine to help maintain softer hands during multiple applications. 

As a dog walker and an owner of a dog who is currently recovering from a major operation – I was in need of a hardworking product that was kind to my hands. I have used this product continuously over the past 3 weeks . It has performed very well and I still have half of the bottle left. Only a small amount is needed to get full coverage and I particularly like the zip line clip which you can add to it so that you can lend it to others whilst out and about when it is still clipped to your belt. 

It really did feel a lot nicer than your average hand sanitizer as multiple usages can dry your hands out, with the excessive alcohol but I was more than happy to use this especially whilst administering first aid to my dog and my hands definitely felt nicer after applying it.

I have previously been using sanitizer wipes in my car whilst out walking dogs but this is a very positive addition to my “dog bag” that I use when out and when my hands are usually full with dogs it is very handy to have it clipped onto your belt. I will be getting some more of this when it runs out!

Dooleys Disinfectant Cleaner – Apple Fresh

I have used this product multiple times over the past month and have only used about a third of the 500ml bottle, which I must say that all of these Dooleys products are very generous in size and also come in larger 5 litre bottles if you had larger areas such as kennels or kitchens to clean. 

This is a foaming disenfectant with a strong Apple fragrance perfect for hard and washable surfaces for example dog food prep areas, tiled flooring and grooming equipment as well as ceramic bathroom surfaces.

I used it to clean my bathroom as well as my kitchen surfaces and crates in my work vehicle. I have a few videos ​below showing before and after (I genuinely only used a paper towel after leaving it on the surfaces for 45 seconds ).




​It really left the bathroom smelling really nice for at least 24hours after I used it and I would definitely recommend this to people who want an animal friendly disenfectant cleaner that is multi purpose/ multi room and not tested on animals- I will be keeping this in the food prep areas and maybe in the car as well.

Dooleys Honey and Coconut Bacterial Shampoo

We have used this bacterial shampoo twice over the last couple of weeks on two of our dogs with completely different coats. Molly our wire haired Jack Russell with no undercoat and Milo our Sproodle (Springer Spaniel cross Poodle) with a dense yet fluffy curly coat. 
Here are some before and after pics- 

Molly normally has a very dry yellowy coat when she hasn’t be washed for a while and we found that it left her with a nice white fluffy coat which was quite soft- I particularly liked the smell as it was subtle but sweet which made Molly nice and girly. It was not greasy at all and only needed a small amount to lather up.

Milo loved his bath – the shampoo dealt with his permanent muddy disposition and left him smelling much less damp and did not leave his coat flat- he was lovely and fluffy after we dried him off(which takes an age!)

Joe (my husband ) also found that by placing a small amount into a spritzer bottle with warm water that it rivals some of the more expensive “dog spritzers” (like stink bomb by animology) for an everyday spruce up for dirty dogs – (having curly hair himself – Joe also recommends the spray on his own hair!!) 

So it’s a thumbs up from us👍

Next week we will continue this product review with Tag fresh air freshener and Dooleys Universal cleaner and Biological Lemon Odour Remover

All products above can be recycled

Keep Adventuring

S&J xx

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