Dogs At Weddings 

Sooo 6 weeks between posts is better than 9 months I guess – I’m so sorry – I really am trying to narrow it down to once a fortnight but have been waiting for photos to arrive on a usb – anywho….

As you know, we got married about  9 weeks ago and as obvious dog nutters – we knew from the beginning that we were going to have 5 dogs present at our wedding and it was that fact alone that decided where we got married. 

It’s pretty clear that having furry loved ones present at weddings is becoming increasingly popular and more often than not the norm, especially amongst couples without children already in tow.

Really only one of our 3 dogs was reliable enough to be allowed to take part in the day itself but the others were on site and around after the ceremony. We had our 3 – my best friends Dalmatian and Joes parents Jack Russell who were all really good – especially Joe’s best man and ring bearer Scout. 

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And an article on planning your day to include your pooch – from Glitzy Secrets 🐶💍
The reason we wanted our dogs present is pretty obvious really – our little lives really do revolve around them and if they are not happy I’m not happy – it’s simple, so Scout had to be with Joe as he wouldn’t leave his sight without going crazy as well as the other dogs – who would have hated to have been left behind back in Plymouth.

Overall they all had a nice relaxed day and as we had a small amount of guests which helped prevent them from getting overwhelmed – also they were all people they already knew so this made them more relaxed.

I would just advise people who want their dog present – to go for it as most celebrants are very accommodating these days, make sure the dogs are not overwhelmed or stressed out by the goings on on the day and make sure you let them sit with someone they know whilst you say your vows as well as making sure they have lots of lovely photos with you when you are all done! Enjoy it together- I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

I would love to see if anyone else had their pets (it doesn’t have to be dogs necessarily ) at their big day- shows us some pics at our

 Facebook page – Adventure With Dogs

Gosh what handsome Devils! 

Keep Adventuring 

S & J xx

…. Next Blog Post – Product Reviews and an Instagram giveaway at 1000 followers on our sister site; About Town Petcare 👍🐾🐶💓

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