Skybase & Our Wedding

Im so sorry it has been 9 months since I last posted anything and I feel atrocious for not having posted sooner but I be will making a concious effort to blog at least once a month or even pushing it and trying twice a month, but I will see how it goes. Famous last words right!?

So the first topic I’m picking up on taking the motor home to our wedding in Scotland. If you haven’t already noticed on my social media feeds, me and Joe got married on August 15th of this year- at Morenish House overlooking Loch Tay in Scotland.

It was a beautifully laid back day with spectacular views and good weather. It could not have gone any better really – even though I was a nervous wreck, Joe (who is a notorious worrier) was very chilled out and even made time to jump his bmx bike down the aisle! 

The main reason for travelling all the way from Plymouth in Devon to Killin in Scotland was because, after previously visiting a friend in Glasgow the year before – a flippant comment in passing ” yes you can get married wherever you want in Scotland as long as the celebrant can cover the venue” I knew I wanted to come back up to Scotland for the sheer scenic aspect of it all.

I had decided that I wanted a wedding adventure and wasn’t to thrilled when quoted for wedding venues down in Devon when I could book a scenic venue in Scotland , for a whole week, for the price of a day and a half in my local area. So my heart was set- it just needed to be ;

  • Scenic
  • Allow up to five dogs (including other family members dogs)
  • Sleep 23 people including 2 infants
  • Be available in the school holidays

Not asking much right? – so that left me with two potential venues a country manor in Scotland or a farm in Wales. 

Luckily the Scottish venue was available – now I just needed to persuade my family members to come all of that way and obtain a campervan to get myself and Joe with the three dogs plus all of our wedding decorations to the actual venue (a journey of 12 hours roughly).

To cut a long story short joes parents gifted us the money for our wedding present motor home and we found one in Southampton which was a perfect and more importantly reliable fit for us- Skybase the motor home was born.It just needed to get us to Scotland!

I’m not going to lie packing the van was an ordeal but it was packed to the brim and ready to go -the dogs had to endure an arduous rainy trip but we stopped several times and gave ourselves 2 days to get there and had an extra trip to Perth to collect our marriage schedule (as the local registry office was only open once a week).

The scenery on the way up was beautiful and I couldn’t help myself but talk in a northern accent all the way to the Scottish border and obviously a Scottish accent from then on!! I’m such a nerd – But we made it – everyone else had gotten there before us but we had made our first epic trip in Skybase and the dogs really quite enjoyed it- and so did we . Here are some lovely photos of the day including adventure scout who was Joes best man and carried the rings for us and a few of the cake (complete with plastic dog replicas as toppers)  and adventure Molly hanging out with her favourite people. Adventure milo was too squirmy to take photos of him in his bow tie!

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Keep Adventuring x

S & J

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