Sorry it’s been so long….

Hello again everyone,

I’m really sorry there has been somewhat of a blogging drought here at Adventure Dogs UK, I’m afraid that due to the lack of inspirational weather and a lot of work on at the moment I’ve not really had the time. Today however has been a lovely sunny day which allowed me to take my camera out and take some nice photos whilst out for a walk at Bovisands to Jennycliff Beach. Unfortunately due to the recent bad weather over the past few days, the beach was actually closed off due to erosion issues so today’s post will basically be an excuse for some more photos of our mid October visit to Tregantle and Withnoe beach.

What do you adventure types do during down time or rainy days when the weather is horrendous….which happens quite often during Autumn and Winter here in the Southwest UK?

I promise I wont leave it so long til the next post…. I have some ideas coming up – other peoples adventure dogs/rainy day activities/winter adventures)

Speak soon….

Keep Adventuring.X.


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