Local Beaches – Dragging out the summer!

Hello again,

Today’s post is about more local beaches that we have enjoyed over the last couple of weeks. We are so lucky to have these beaches, no more than half an hour away from our home. Also with the added bonus of it being out of “holiday season”, it means that the majority of the dog beach bans are now lifted as of October 1st. This is our favourite beach combing time of year! 🙂

We visited Wembury beach and whilst there is a National Trust car park that charges £4.50 all day parking you can park around the corner (not on Saturdays) within the church car park. then either find a spot on the main beach, visit the cafe or marine conservation centre. We continued on along the south-west coastal path to the right as on this particular day there were the last of the holiday makers making the most of the late appearance of the sun.

Continuing along the path past the riding stable there are several points at which to access the lesser visited coves, which tend to have fewer people on them. Perfect for team fetch and our adventure dogs to stretch their legs at full speed. On this occasion we had Heidi the yellow labrador along for the day trip. 🙂

This is such a good place for rock pooling but be careful of the rising tide as the water line comes quite high up towards the path. Below are pictures from our fun day at Wembury Beach in Devon:

DSCF5759 DSCF5760 DSCF5761 DSCF5762 DSCF5763 DSCF5764 DSCF5765 DSCF5766 DSCF5767 DSCF5770 DSCF5787 DSCF5797 DSCF5801 DSCF5803 DSCF5804 DSCF5806 DSCF5807 DSCF5811 DSCF5815

I should also note that the graveyard at Wembury church is one of the most photogenic/prettiest i have ever been too!

Next, we visited Bovisand, again about 30 minutes from where we live. This is a very busy beach with fellow dog walkers and we kind of miss timed our visit so that the tide was in and therefore there wasn’t a lot of space on the actual beach for a hooligan group of 4 barking, excitable dogs! (we took little Alfie with us on this day trip).

This beach is quite a nice sheltered beach with direct access to the holiday park (which is strictly no dogs allowed apparently). This is an occasional surf spot when the other more popular spots are too big the locals frequent this beach for smaller waves so keep an eye out for them. This is also a nice little beach for a rainy day as it’s not to far from Plymouth and is virtually dead on a rainy day .You can park at the top of the path and visit the small cafe at the weekends.

DSCF5818 DSCF5823 DSCF5824 DSCF5825 DSCF5827 DSCF5828 DSCF5832 DSCF5833

Speak to you all soon….Keep Adventuring


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