Double Adventure – Callington & Grenofen Walk 2

Sorry everyone,

I’m going to blame the absolute lack of summer weather lately for the lack of posting over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been very busy, also, with my small business with my partner doing a lot of night shifts I have not had the time in the evening to post blogs. So to make up for up for it this week I will mention our double adventures.

Last weekend and during this week we have visited a short walk in Callington on the Devon/Cornwall border. It’s a fairly shorter walk than what we are used to but we had Boo and Bobby with us and it was more than enough for them. We accessed this heritage site from nearby the C play park where we parked on the road and went through a turnstile gate. There were several ruins of former tin mines or ‘wheals’ along the way and we had to go for a climb. We will hopefully go to Cothele, which is very near here next time we venture out this way as it is meant to be a lovely walk. Below are some of our mini first adventure pics…..

DSCF5639 DSCF5641 DSCF5643 DSCF5648

DSCF5653 DSCF5658 DSCF5661

DSCF5666 DSCF5667 DSCF5668 DSCF5669

DSCF5672 DSCF5677 DSCF5680 DSCF5681

This week we have also visited our alternative weekend walk out at Grenofen near Tavistock. It is our alternative to a beach walk, especially at the weekend when everywhere else seems to be very busy. This place is so peaceful and we saw 2 people all afternoon. It’s the kind of walk that only the locals would know about as it is down a public bridleway next to the beautiful Ever After Estate . So to most people this pathway looks like a private drive 🙂 ….just the way we like it. This side of the Walkham river is a lot more accessible and not as muddy and there are plenty of smaller paths to try out. I’m going to go as far as to say this is my new favourite woodland walk. This walk will continue all the way to Tavistock if you continue for about 2 more miles. So this could potentially be an all day trek if you wanted 🙂 Lets also just mention how nice was the weather today!!

Below are some pictures from our Grenofen 2 walk:

DSCF5687 DSCF5689 DSCF5690 DSCF5691

DSCF5694 DSCF5695 DSCF5698 DSCF5699

DSCF5701 DSCF5703 DSCF5711 DSCF5715

DSCF5716 DSCF5720 DSCF5721 DSCF5723DSCF5725DSCF5726DSCF5727DSCF5737DSCF5742DSCF5746

Keep on Adventuring 🙂

I wont leave it so long next time…promise.x

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