Pawesome Links #3

Another late one again tonight people, I think its time for another dose of our Pawesome Links #3. This post is also another excuse to post some nice pics that i taken over the last couple of weeks before it started to really rain hard her again.

Happy National Dog Day! I hope you did something nice with your adventure dogs – here are a few things that I have enjoyed this week:

A couple of instagram accounts that have caught my eye this week are: Bono Surfdog beautiful photos of bono the surfdog who joins his owner surfing or stand up paddle boarding at lovely beaches near where they live in Brazil.

Also Tillman The Skating Dog a very famous bulldog who holds the  world record for the fastest skating dog both accounts are worth following if you ask me 🙂

Another odd dog product is pup pee grass im not sure how i feel about this grass i guess it could just be a more expensive version of puppy pads for house training your dog. What do you think?

I love the idea of this Micro Pub – The Whippet Inn and on another dog/beer related topic Flat 12 Bierwerks

Lastly here are some lovely dog related pet products i have recently found on Etsy:

Expensive handmade Posh Pet Beds

Scrabble tile style Pet Tags

Wooden Barrel Pet Beds and the most expensive Silver Dog Bowl I’ve ever seen!!

I would also like to save up for christmas for one of these lovely beds for #adventurescout but im afraid it might get ruined at that price Collared Creatures Cave Beds.

Thats all for now folks  – Im afraid I have accidentally deleted this weeks photos off of my camera so here are some pictures for you to enjoy from instagram account About Town Pet Care Instagram




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