More Adventure Dog Products


This week I have been trying out some new treats with the adventure doggies. My dogs always look forward to their once a month delivery of treats and toys.  Firstly is the Royal Canin Educ low-calorie training treats on special offer from Medic Animal at 70p a sachet. These treats would be great for training and for the more portly dogs who were watching their weight. All of my dogs loved these, even the fussy Jack Russell. I would definitely recommend these treats.

dog products and milo playing 004

Next on the agenda was Coachies (Similair Here ) training treats, also to be found on Medic Animal. These were even smaller training treats great for not over rewarding your dog but nice and strong-smelling to keep their attention. Again all of the dogs liked these treats and I think they were the favourite of the threes lots of treats we tried this month so I would, again, recommend these treats.

Finally, we tried out Lily’s Organic Bedtime Treats these are quite large oval treats and wouldnt make good training treats but are, as the name suggests, great for a before bedtime snack. I couldn’t tell if they really do calm the dogs down as they contain camomile, it being bedtime anyway, but they were very popular,even if our smallest dog struggled a bit at first with them. They are also a bit expensive, in my opinion, for the amount you get per pack. At full price, I would not buy them again.They do make an extra special treat though.

Let me know if you have any awesome dog products you think that we should review 🙂

Keep Adventuring.


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