Wet Weekend In The Devon Consuls

Hello again, I hope everyone is enjoying the weather! Weather warnings here for rain!!

Here is another post based on our adventure last weekend – proving that you can still have a good time even if it’s raining sideways and foggy too! We visited a large area of woodlands near Gunnislake called the Devon Consuls otherwise known as “Chip Shop Trails” or even Tavistock Woodland Estate. Tamar Trails Map Of The Devon Consuls Trail. (We did the green route).

Now head toward Gunnislake from Tavistock and take the left turn on which the sign has been covered up. Don’t worry about the “no public access sign” it’s just to deter large group visiting but the land owner doesn’t mind small groups of mountain bike riders and dog walkers. The car park does stay open and the sign says ” there isn’t planning permission fir this car park” so basically park at your own risk…but you can park there. Anyway we followed the steep trails around and only saw a couple of bike riders and two or three other dog walkers so basically had all of that space to ourselves all afternoon. We took Scout, Milo, Poppy and Harley who managed to keep up very well even when it was quite steep. Due to it being an ex mountain bike trail area. (Did I mention that this place would not good for disabled access).

This place is perfect if your dog doesn’t like the hustle and bustle of the more popular dog walking areas but not if your dog loves a swim as the lakes are disused quarry waste so the signs do tell you to “KEEP OUT OF THE WATER”. All in all this was s perfect rainy day walking spot and really felt like I was in the middle of nowhere at times. Below are some of our best bits:










because im a child

because im a child









Keep Adventuring


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