Rainy Day Activities

Sorry for the slack posts of late – to make up for it i will be posting a short one today and another longer post tomorrow instead 🙂

Todays post is just a few simple ideas to keep your adventure dogs occupied on the days that the weather affects play and you cannot go out for the adventure you had planned. This can be done with virtually no expense on your part. It may seem a bit weird posting this in a day when its sooo sunny outside but I guess it’s always raining somewhere!

I have made scout a few treat puzzles. All you will need are several toilet roll tubes, a deep bowl, a couple of empty water bottles and some treats that will fit in the bottles.

Firstly place the toilet roll tubes in the deep bowl, so they don’t move about too much, then place a couple of treats in those tubes and let them find them.

Secondly take the lids off your empty bottles and again place a few treats inside and see what the dogs do. Make sure you supervise these activities as he may decide to chew it all up!

Below are a few of Scouts attempts ( I apologise for the sketchy videography skills I will work on them):






scouts rainy day activity (you tube video)

scout rainy day activity 2 (you tube video)

Obviously scout caught on this game pretty quickly so i may have to find harder puzzles for him in the future. Find some more indoor dog activities HERE

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