Pawesome Links #2

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Todays post is to keep you all busy this weekend as we are off on a another adventure to Gunnislake, Devon in a moment. Here is a collection of interesting dog related things that i have found during the week that you may like:

The Best Friends Bash

Above is a video about the The Best Friends Bash brought about by Penn University Vets and The Craniofacial Program at  The Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia. This gathering brings together Children from the Philadelphia hospital and Pet Therapy Dogs from Penn Vets to allow the children to learn that ‘Different Is Good’. The write up about this lovely event can be found Here

Also there is a nice link on the above article about How Dogs Can Detect Ovarian Cancer

Next on the agenda is a couple of instagram accounts that have made me smile this week: Mutt Adventures

This account of three very well-behaved ‘mutts’ who get photographed by their owner Emily in lovely poses. They have also started a few instagram trends such as #muttmuggin – taking a photo of your dog so he looks like he’s in a mug #dogsquish for the obligatory squish dog face photos and #dogwreathing shots of pets looking pretty in wreaths (especially popular at christmas time) – I think I may have to start these trends myself on my instagram account : About Town Petcare Instagram

I am also loving finding other adventure dog types of accounts by using my #adventuredog hash tag…. such as: Camping With Dogs for camping apparel and inspiration.

I am also loving the ‘idea’ of starting CaniCross and have been reading up on a few websites: Canicross Trailrunners and Non Stop Dogwear – Norway to get a feel for the sort of equipment required. It’s quite expensive to start off with but once you have the stuff needed I doubt you would need to buy it again. The harnesses are based on the free-flowing movement harnesses required for sled dogs. I also noticed that there isnt a canicross club in Devon (my area) but there is one in Cornwall. So watch this space we may have to start one here too!!

I have recently been recommended these toys at Zee.Dog Toys they are apparently meant to be as tough as Kong Toys…..we will be the judge of that 🙂

On another note I love finding dog things on Etsy here are lots of lovely things I have found but havent bought yet…

Boston Terrier Infinity Scarf 1

Boston Terrier Infinity Scarf2

Mimi Green Personalised Dog Collars

CDA Designs Adorable Dog Collars

Zaley Designs lovely mint collar

Critter Bling Dog Tags I really am obsessed with cute tags

Beautiful Animal Watercolour Prints by The Wildlands

This t shirt from the daily tay

Last but not least, I love the idea of a dog lovers Customised Address Stamp by MY STAMP

That lovely lot should keep you all busy for the weekend keep your eyes peeled for our next feature on our woodland adventure from last weekend. Find some nice photos from Shaugh Prior last week below….

Keep Adventuring







I have just realised Joes legs feature heavily in these 🙂

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