Goodameavy Adventures

Today’s post is about our little trip over to Goodameavy near Shaugh Prior on Dartmoor. Big Molly joined us on this mini adventure and I have never seen a dog so happy just to do laps in the river 🙂
Anyway this walk around Goodameavy can be accessed by the car park and over the the fast flowing river and we usually turn right and go up hill then either continue up the granite spanned path that bears around to the left and onto the Dewerstone cottage otherwise known as the old scout hut. Or you can continue right to avoid the masses of kayakers or rock climbers that use the Drwerstone area.
On this occasion we veared right and headed along the river  Meavy towards the Dewerstone. This path has eroded in places due to the heavy rain recently so be careful.

We often come here in the evenings as the dogs love to do the big loop hike and swim in the river, be careful as it is fast flowing in some areas but our dogs mostly just enjoy the rock climbing 🙂 if your dog chases livestock there are sometimes ponies along this route. Also please be respectful of the ponies around the scout hut as they belong to my neighbour 🙂

We are so lucky to have this just 15 minutes up the road and it is a place you can visit whatever the weather. It’s quite a popular area but not as busy as other local spots such as Plymbridge Woods or Cann Woods.

Please feel free to share your own woodland adventures as we are always looking for new places to visit 🙂 Here are some more pictures of the area found at Devon Cam.

Keep Adventuring.







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