More Adventure Dog Products

Hello people,

Today I am reviewing a few more products that i have purchased recently and think they are worthy of recommending.

Happypet Pet Tags

I have recently purchased an unofficial NBA style tag from this site on Etsy 

I am a bit obsessed with American sports and any opportunity to get a dog product with one of my favourite teams i will make my dogs endure it 😉 I opted for the Golden State Warriors (This seasons winners of the NBA playoffs).

The product was brightly coloured, came with a bell and I was allowed 3/4 lines of wording on the back. The owner of the Etsy company sent me pictures when it was ready to post and updated me when it was on its way to make sure everything was in order. It came within the 2-3 week time frame and was very nice indeed and now Milo jangles a great deal. The only downside about this product is that it is not stamp engraved and a lot of battering from hectic dogs have made it dent in at the sides very easily so i think a plastic tag protector could be added to prevent this.Tag Protector Otherwise this product was lovely and comes in a great range of styles and i will definitely be buying my next tag from here.

The company is based in Singapore and ships their products internationally at very reasonable prices.

DSCF5401 DSCF5400

EzyDog Zero Shock Absorber Lead

My next product is the EzyDog Zero Shock Absorber Lead from Amazon.

I bought this product from Amazon when it was a few pounds cheaper but is basically the same thing as in the photos.

I have a customer through my business About Town Pet Care who also has this lead in bubblegum colour and so have used it on a pulling beagle on a regular basis and therefore thought it would be perfect for my adventure dog Milo as he pulls a lot at the beginning of a walk but isn’t really strong enough for me to warrant buying him a halti to amend his pulling ways.

The pictures below are not of Milo but of a dog called Poppy who recently came to stay and who was a mega puller at the beginning of walks and therefore thought it would be a good idea to borrow Milos lead to make walking her more fun.

I love this product and will recommend them to anyone who doesn’t really want to go down the halti route when training their dogs. It is more expensive than a normal average dog lead but I think it is worth it and will be hard-wearing with its neoprene handle, thick material and strong metal components. It also has a looped section for what they call ‘traffic control’ which is a brilliant idea for the taller dogs who need to be kept under close control.

It really does ease Milos pulling and pings him back a bit when he pulls really hard and eases the effects of pulling on my wrists and that’s got to be a good thing right?

Again I will be buying another one of these in the near future.

What are your favourite dog products that you couldn’t live without? Let me know…

Keep Adventuring.


DSCF5490 DSCF5491DSCF5492

Thanks to poppy for modelling our lead 🙂

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