Other People’s Adventure Dogs

Hello again people,

Tonight’s post is hopefully going to be a once or twice a month kind of thing and is going to feature the adventures and stories of other people’s’ adventure dogs.

This is to keep the content interesting and to engage our audience. So, by all means, if you have anyone you know that likes to take their dog on adventures or simply just excels at a dog sport I want to hear about these active doggies please.

Todays dog adventure comes from Rachel and her dog Biscuit the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (affectionately known as Bug). Now Biscuit is a little bit special to me as I dog sit for her fairly regularly and know for a fact that this little nervous Nellie is quite the athlete when she wants to be. Rachel has to regularly come up with ‘off road’ ideas for Biscuit as she has some specific behavioural anxieties when it comes to boisterous dogs or dogs that are bigger than her.  So to reduce her stress levels she tries to take biscuit on the not so obvious routes and tracks to minimise her contact with certain things that make her anxious.

Below are some of her escapades:

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She has come a long way in the 3 and half years since Rachel rescued her as an undersocilised, fearful and generally unhappy girl. But nowadays she can happily go for walks accompanied by smaller dogs and calmer dogs that she has met several times before. She also used to be afraid of water but as you can see from her pictures she loves nothing more than to run at top speed and go for a swim on Dartmoor.

She is a work in progress but every rescue dog needs time and patience to get over things and Biscuit is no exception, Rachel describes Bug as her little ray of sunshine who now gives back to rescue dogs by going along on walks with others who started out like she did.

More awareness needs to be raised about this breed of dog and everyone needs to realise that you shouldnt read a book by its cover. There are usually underlying issues as to why a dog is ‘acting out’. I believe there needs to be a bit more dog tolerance within the current dog loving community.

So im sure you will agree for a dog that has just recently recovered from a malignant melanoma and who was originally given 6 months to live Biscuit is not giving up just yet and living life to the fullest despite any underlying issues that may have presented themselves! Good on ya Bug – Thank goodness for all those lovely people who still take on rescue dogs that may be deemed “untrainable”.

Here at Adventure Dogs Uk we salute you!

Rachel volunteers at Devon Dog Behaviour Rehab and Rehome

If you would like to get involved and help out by donating something from their wish list or volunteer your time to a small local charity please follow the link above.

Keep Adventuring.


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