Sunset Swimming

Hello guys, Tonights post is about or sunset trip to Tregantle Beach in Cornwall. Details can be found here: tregantle beach and here : tregantle beach guide. I don’t often get to follow joe to the beach but I have a new wetsuit i have no excuse really. We picked Tregantle beach in Cornwall after a last-minute decision to try out my new wetsuit, so headed out on the Torpoint  ferry at about 8pm that night, hoping that the tide wasnt out too far. Tregantle is easily accessible at that time of night but does not really have disabled access due to the steep nature of the steps leading down to it. It is also next to a shooting range and should not be accessed when the flags are up. It is a very dog friendly beach if you don’t mind the steep climb up afterwards and at low tide you can walk all the way around to Whitsand Bay beach. This is a popular surfing beach at all ties of the day so make sure you give them plenty of room if you decide to have a game of fetch in the sea or go for a sunset swim. The waves were a little choppy on this particular night so I decided to paddle about whilst joe tried out our gopro camera in the evening and also whilst Milo tried out his new Kong Safestix toy, which floats and can be seen easily at night, as it was bright green. Kong Safestix This is another Kong toy which i have recently purchased from Amazon. Kong Safestix I bought it with the notion that it would be really tough and a good alternative to throwing sticks for the dogs. As it turned out Scout was not very interested in it if we had other toys on us and Milo would use it when we were out at the beach (see below pics). It wasnt Scout proof however, and given a few minutes of chewing , Scout, had managed to chew almost through it. Therefore we now only take it to the beach for throwing in the sand or water., which this product is best for. It floats very well and is brightly coloured so can be seen on the beach very well. I would recommend them for slight chewers and dogs that fetch sticks well or even dogs that like to carry toys in their mouths, but not for heavy chewers. I would not, however, be any hurry to buy one of these again if it gets chewed up. 🙂 Find pictures of our brief visit to Tregantle beach, using the safestix toy. Keep Adventuring ;0) S. IMG_52542164703430 IMG_52550221923889 IMG_52557760986389 IMG_52564305297912 IMG_52571521911681

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