Pawesome Links

Hello again,

tonight’s post is quick one I’m afraid. It’s a round-up of several of the things that I have seen around the internet this week.Things that made us smile this week:

  1. Book Buddy Scheme I know it’s not dog related but this article made me smile because its such a simple idea but allows both animal and child to benefit from the experience. Children from Pennsylvania are helping out their local cat rescue shelter. 🙂
  2. New York City Apartments Now With On Site Dog Walking Facilities Making it easier to keep a lovely pet for all of those career types in New York City. I think if they can afford it then why not, this would be  lovely idea for posh apartments 🙂 Pet friendly rental anyone?
  3. Michael & Chance I know this video has been doing the rounds on Facebook but when I watched it, it made my day. The bond between a disabled pet and his disabled owner 😉
  4. Rafael Mantesso & Jimmy Choo – Living With Dogs – Dog Art I came across this photographer/artist through ‘Living With Dogs’ and now follow his dog art of his bull terrier Jimmy Choo on instagram religiously. My personal favourite is the superman one- oh so many ideas….
  5. Stuff On Scouts Head If you only do one thing today PLEASE follow this guy on instagram, the account is in the same name and he also has the website listed here. As the name suggests he can literally balance anything on his head. after a simple hashtag search for another #scout I found this guy. I love how this rescue pit bull is becoming quite famous in America and makes the occasional appearance on tv and even has his own book out now 🙂
  6. Medic Animal was Best Pet Pharmacy Now I regularly get asked about cheaper ways of getting hold of dog food, wormers and flea treatment. This is the website I use, for sacks of dog food – flea treatments such as effipro are just as effective in my opinion and the drontal wormers can be bought individually based on your dogs weight and are much cheaper than the vets prices 🙂
  7. Etsy Finds Etsy Finds 2 Etsy Finds 3 Because Im obsessed with Etsy and Dog Tags

Keep Adventuring.



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