Mothecombe Beach Photo Shoot

Hello Everyone,

Tonight’s post is to do with a photo shoot of sorts that i wanted to do as part of our wedding invitations/save the date cards for August 2016.

Details on the beach that was visited can be found below: Devon Beach Guide – Mothecombe Beach

Mothecombe by the Marine Conservation Society

Firstly, Mothecombe beach (ordinate survey maps will call it Meadowsfoot Beach or Coastguards Beach) on the Devon coast opposite Wonwell beach is our absolute favourite beach so I therefore decided that I wanted pictures of our favourite little guys at our favourite place.

Secondly, anyone who knows us, will know, that we are not ones for sharing pictures of ourselves so thought it would be more appropriate for us to use a picture that didn’t have us in it. Now I’m no photographer, so getting three extremely excited adventure dogs to be in the same photo took me about 45 minutes before they started to get bored with the idea. Also getting a dog who is built like a Duracell bunny (Milo) to stay still for any period of time wasnt going to be easy so my main aim was to tire them all out before we took some photos. I managed with gentle persuasion (treats) and some crafty angles to finally get a picture which had them all in.

Here is some of my attempts:





But I finally went for this one:


All together at last….watch this space to see what i turn them in to 😉

Lastly I was wondering if anyone else had the same idea and how they include their pets into their big day.Ours will be present at our wedding in Scotland and also popping in for photos at our Devon wedding reception and may even make an appearance as cake toppers.

I think that this is a growing trend. My business About Town Pet Care   gets a lot of enquiries about picking up pets after wedding shoots and returning them the next day or to pet sit pets at a wedding reception.

Here are a few links about this topic, that I liked….Pets at your wedding

Including your pet

Dogs at real weddings

Keep Adventuring


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