Adventure Dog Products

This is going to be another regular post topic, here on Adventure Dogs UK. Having 3 dogs and running a small business requires me to constantly replace lots of things, like toys, leads and replenish the copious amounts of treats needed to keep everyone happy. So I will be taking the time to review products I love already or try to find new and interesting products in the future.

Kong Original

We will start with the standard Kong toy in size medium. I swear by these products. I mean ANY of the original Kong range are awesome. Id say this product is the best for small to medium dogs who like a chew but don’t destroy things or chew until toys are broken. So perfect for our dog Milo. I use them for fetch toys, treat toys by adding biscuits and stuffing the end with Chappie dog food or even as a reward for training with small amounts of peanut butter or dog paste inside.

They clean up easily and are hard wearing, (I only find myself replacing these once a year perhaps) so are perfect for the amount of chewing I need them to take. For heavy chewers, however, I would recommend the heavy duty, black Kong products because the red ones can be chewed around the edges by persistent chewers like Staffordshire bull terriers or my Lurcher who does not give up. Our Jack Russell even has been known to chew up a Kong ball so keep an eye on them.

Kong ExtremeTreat Bone 

I love this product, as it is the only toy that has lasted for over a year now with no obvious damage. As well as using it for the above reasons these are also great for stuffing gravy bones in the end to relieve short-term boredom. This product withstands constant chewing from my strong chewers (Terrier and Lurcher). My spaniel cross also loves to just carry this about with him at all times too to annoy the other dogs.

As you can tell i cant recommend Kong toys enough, especially as boredom busters. Don’t forget to play with your dog with these toys every once in while so that they associate the toys with fun play, otherwise they may get bored quickly with these toys whilst you are out and go back to chewing your shoes……Milo.x 😉


Here is Milo enjoying his newest Kong toy 😉

Keep Adventuring.


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