Keeping Your Adventure Dog Cool This Summer

Hydration, hydration, hydration that’s the aim for this summer and keeping cool of course whilst/during or after your adventures with your dogs.

This will be a mini series on the many ways to keep your dog cool as well as carrying multiple bottles of fresh water with you whilst out. (Which are still important)

#keepyourdogcool Is just some reminders and tips about how to keep your best friends of the furry kind, cool.

This weekend we have been making dog lollies. Not much preparation needed just a bit of forethought and your dog could have a lovely cool treat after a long day of hiking.

Here is what I did:

  • Firstly,  I placed some dog treats ( to be reviewed at a later date) in small dog bowls then filled them with water
  • Then I placed them in the freezer
  • I also made a few in silicone cupcake cases for the smaller dog
  • I left them overnight in said freezer
  • When ready to be used the next day,  I poured boiling water from the kettle into another bowl then placed frozen bowl into it and the larger lollies just popped right out of their container.

Here is the end result:


Obviously this is an outdoor activity or an indoor on the laminate flooring kind of thing, otherwise you may get a wet carpet however the smaller ones would be fine if you placed them in a bowl to stop them going everywhere.

Enjoy staying cool this summer as scout and milo did in the garden yesterday.x


Keep adventuring. 🙂


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