Adventure With Dogs Goals For The Next 12 Months

I started blogging again- you may have noticed. I’m really trying to make it look better and include more content but it’s not always that easy. Some of my excuses include – not enough time,lack of good quality photos – no inspiration, the usual. However I thought if I put it on my blog then maybe I might be able to stick at it and you guys can keep me accountable.   
So over the next year (I realise now that this should have been a new year new goals post) I hope to improve on all of these things- I will possibly revise this over the next few months.

1-Improve my blogs photography

2-Improve the overall look of this blog

3-Get Social Media savvy

4-Learn to edit content better

5-Take more video clips

6-Create a social media/blog schedule

7-Get more video/photography equipment 


1-I obtained a dslr camera as a late Christmas present and fully intend on practicing with it more as I’ve gotten so used to using my iPhone for all of pictures – I also need to learn how to use it in manual mode and also with little extra pieces of equipment you will see my photography improve. By just getting out and about and having my Canon Eos 300d on hand has made the last months worth of pics look just great so I will definitely be doing more of that.

Previous pics with the iPhone 5s:

Not bad really- I do love using it and won’t stop but the quality of pictures for my blog are awesome with the Dslr: 

Obviously a lot better I think you will agree.

Using Dropbox to store pics from my camera onto my iPhone and using the Snapseed app to edit pics perfectly for Instagram and other social media platforms has now become my main focus. I am beginning to really love this part of the process.

2- Continue to learn how to use WordPress and to make it more user friendly – I am not the best at web design so will need to ask for more help on this one – I also intend to upgrade my business websites in the near future and can hopefully do it for little or no money.

3- Get more active with Facebook and will try to do a Facebook Friday live video once a week as well as a twitter Tuesday using periscope live- I also need to be more active in creating video content that can also go onto our you tube channel. I will also incorporate my blog pics onto my Pinterest account and promote my blog in Facebook groups – I may add a live snapchat evening and Instagram live during the day if I get the chance. Here is my recent Facebook cover using the Canva app.

My Instagram accounts are the most popular at the moment and I will continue to add lovely pics and videos as well as Instagram stories if I can fit it all in and continue to do giveaways on milestone amounts like 2000 followers on my business account and 1000 followers will be coming up within the next few weeks I think.

A little something from my Instagram accounts:

4- Possibly get better equipment in the future so I can do more video editing on both my iPhone and the Dslr (I have downloaded the iMovie app in preperation for this) and watch more YouTube videos on how to do this- then the world is my oyster in regards to content including vlogging! I will also continue to get more savvy on what’s popular through trending alerts and especially what trending on twitter (I get a lot of inspiration from twitter as it is so fast paced).

5-Getting more video footage using the dslr will be a major priority as will using the Gopro session and its accessories more often. (I’m thinking dog POV and Underwater footage) 😀
6-Try to learn how to use each social media platform to its best ability I use – Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Bloglovin Snapchat and Pinterest so watch this space!

I definitely need to get into the habit of making a rough schedule for blogging and social media ideas as I tend to have so many at once! And with the constant updates to apps there is so many ways to get content out into the world!

Above is an Instagram post, Pinterest pin and YouTube graphics made with Canva.

And Finally 7-Gradually over time collate more bits and pieces to use with the iPhone and dslr cameras and Gopro – this week I’m trying out my selfie light and clip on iPhone lenses 😀

So it is safe to say I’ve got a lot on! Best get cracking then.😆

Forgive me if I take a week off from blogging as it’s my birthday next weekend by the following weekend we hope to get out for our first weekend away in the campervan with dogs so watch this space (weather permitting we are hoping to visit Sherwood Forest and the Peak District) I’m so looking forward to it ❤

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Keep Adventuring S & J xx

Scout has mended! The things we’ve learned…

So yet again it’s been a crazy few months since I last posted and I’m sorry it’s been 3 months since I last did a blog post but our poor poster boy Scout injured himself back in October and after a few incompetent vet visits, two failed operations,a £2000 vets bill and secondary wound on his elbow caused by a rubbing bandage, Scout is finally mended and has an 8 inch scar to prove it. 

We are just so glad that Joe no longer needs to sleep in the kitchen with him or on the sofa bed downstairs to keep the others from opening his stitches and that he no longer needs his cone on (I’m sure he had gotten a bit attached to that thing!). 

We are very tentative about playing full on ball games with Scout as well as letting him off near wooded areas but he will get there- I am just so grateful that he is such a placid dog and really didn’t mind resting or staying in a lot and not going for a walk for the best part of 3 months! 

Adventure Scout you have been a trooper and now you have a gnarly scar you can show off to all the ladies!! He really is the best dog (albeit a clumsy bugger!!).

From This:

To This;

Things we’ve learnt from this experience:

1) Always get a second opinion at the vets if you think a procedure sounds a bit extortionate.

2) Ask others vets in the area if they can do a similar procedure for any less (our vet said we had to go to a specialist but a local vet was more than capable of doing the procedure for £1000 less!) 

3) Try to put off visiting the vet when there is a locum or out of hours vet at the weekend- as they may panic and do a procedure that could have waited until Monday but instead sends you on a wild goose chase backwards and forwards to an out of hours vet that basically did nothing except keep an eye on an open wound!!

4) Make sure your vets has a solid out of hours procedure or is open 24hours- see above🙁

5) Make sure you check your insurance policy correctly as we thought the major procedure would be covered by our insurance but we had a £1000 cap per incident and our bill was £2600 – goodbye Joes credit card.

6) Take a canine first aid course- this came in really handy as I had just refreshed my bandaging skills only 3 weeks previously- as Scouts skin graft procedure failed- all that was left to do was bandage his wound (which was in his elbow pit, so was going to take a really long time – 3-4months to heal correctly) with advice from our new vet we were able to do this ourselves after a couple of visits to check on him – this saved us about £30 every other day for 3 months!!

7) Shop around (with advice from your vet obviously) in regards to padding, dressings and Manuka honey (medical grade) to aid wound care we used Amazon and our local Buyology store as well as my 2 Canine first aid kits at home to supply us with cheaper alternatives to the vets products (i.e.: a 10g tube of activon Manukau at the vets was £7.50) on amazon they are £11.50 for 3 tubes of 25g each) they were exactly the same brand. Other items such as spot on and wormers can also be bought cheaper online (and also some items that may just need a veterinary prescription) We use Medic Animal NOTE we obviously used the vets for antibiotics and pain relief as Scout needed that right away.

8) If your dog has stitches you will be charged per pack of 40 whether or not they use them all and you are charged per minute for aneisthetic.

10) Find a vets that does not charge for post op visits – thank goodness our vet really cared about him afterwards and really took the time to get to know that Scout was a massive girls blouse 😆

11) Finally – we realised that we are pretty damn good at wound care and bandaging now! So let me know if you need any advice- FYI it helps when your mother in law is  an auxiliary nurse 😍

Scout has a small cut the size of half a 5 pence piece now from a 4 inch deep open wound near his artery – what a wonderful thing the body is and thank goodness for patience and a very healthy dog to begin with. 

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes over the past 3/4 months as  we even had to miss out on honeymoon in October to pay his vets bills – understandably it has been hard but there was nothing else to be done but grin and bare it and persevere for Scout and now he is fine again! Phew 😀… he has one more vets visit to keep an eye on his deep scarring but other than that he is good to go on more hikes.

Here are some pics from last weekend when we went for our hike with Scout to Merrivale on Dartmoor 🐾

I will not leave it so late next time …..famous last words😀

Keep Adventuring

S&J x

Pet Product Review Part 2- Natures Menu and Dooleys

Again , it is the weekend and it’s time for another product review- due to last weeks review taking up so much space I have had to continue on to this week. All the opinions are my own ….. 

Products are kindly given to me to review from Natures Menu Pet Products,  Dooleys Pet Care and Teepol Products with special thanks to our local pet store Red Paw Pet Store – Plympton

Natures Menu – Country Hunter  Superfood Selection

I have been given the new wet food  product from Natures Menu the Country hunter superfood sachets come in a very well packaged and colourful box of 12 X 150g foil sachets perfect for adding to mixer or supplementing dried food or complete dog food. I have been trying these out on my three dogs over the last 3/4 days and it’s safe to say they love them . Even my stubborn Jack Russell (who sometimes refuses to eat in the morning) loves them and looks forward to her meal.

These sachets are made in Britain and contain organically sourced, ethically traceable meats and have human grade quantities of meat. Bare in mind that I had sausages for lunch today, that were 61% pork – these are a minimum of 80% meat in each instance and the rest is made up mostly of fruit or veg with only the remaining 9% being vitamin additives and trace elements. This makes me very happy indeed that there are more and more ethically aware pet food companies nowadays who know that people like to feed their animals like they feed themselves. With farm reared turkey, free range chicken, grass grazed beef (as apposed to grain fed cattle 🙁) the only questionable source being the succulent duck (which I’m sure they will be more than happy to tell me where it is sourced) these ingredients all make up the basis for A Raw Diet if you wanted to go down that route when feeding your pet (advice on this in the link above) – something I am seriously considering for my three dogs.

The consistency of these sachets were very nice and you can tell it has the berries in it as the meat was slightly tinged purple 😀 Personally I think I would go through too many sachets to solely feed my dogs on these but once in a while as a treat they are perfect- I would highly recommend these and will probably be buying them again👍well done Natures Menu!

Dooleys Biological Odour Remover

The biological odour remover in lemon fresh from Dooleys Pet Care range definitely what is says on the outside – it removes any unwanted smells from fabrics and instead of masking them like some very well known products would do – it does biologically lift the bacteria which creates the odour leaving a fairly strong lemon fresh odour- I would recommend that you do a fabric test first as I used this on a cream mattress cover and it left the area a blueish green colour which I had to scrub to remove- I probably used the product too close,to be honest, but it did leave the area odour free and the colour did come out. Obviously this product is animal cruelty free and animal safe to use in your home so it is great for a multi pet household however for the retail price of about £4.49 I think it wouldn’t be too expensive for someone who buysa similar product from the supermarket,especially if you have multiple pets. 

Tag fresh air freshener

This product is currently in my new car- now if anyone has been in my car will tell you (due to the sheer amount of damp muddy dogs that frequent it) it is a damp dog smelling car 5 out of 7 days of the week- I often have to change an average car air freshener about once a week but with this silicone style tag fresh one I am on week 2 and it is still very strong (I have used the floral scented one). You can also get citronella, lemon and apple fresh as well, so I will definitely be trying the citronella one when we finally get around to taking our campervan on holiday to France and need to keep the mosquitos away!

When the tag fresh air freshener is ready to be changed (about 30 days later) it will change to a blueish colour and you can change it over – it is very reasonably priced and considering it will not really need changing for 3/4weeks I can save myself about £1 a week and spend the £2 for the product.

These air fresheners have been around for a very long time so I am very surprised that I am only just hearing about them now- airline companies use them as well as the NHS.

I will definitely be purchasing this product again👍.

Dooleys Universal Cleaner – Fragrance Free

Great for most tough pet stains around the house on most fabrics and wipeable surfaces – I have mostly been using this to clean the inside and outside of our cars lately which is particularly covered in pet hair dust and muddy paw prints after a working week- I can have anywhere up to 13 dogs a day in and out of my poor car so it needs a good clean at least once a week as well as cleaning the trays inside my dog crates both in the car and at home – this also works very well on the outside of the car removing tougher wheel trims marks. I combine in on the front seat cover with Biological Odour Remover as this is the place that era really damp and dog smelling during the week- last week it rained so I couldn’t get any good videos but here are a couple of before and after using the above products- I will say that it was better in the wipeable surfaces than the carpet type fabrics in my car but bare in my car is very heavily soiled I’m sure it might fair better in a car with only a couple of dogs- 

All you need to do now Dooleys is invent something that pulls stubborn dog hair off fabrics and I will be very happy!

Before (follow the link to my Facebook page)

Facebook page before video
After (link opens in a new window)

Facebook Page After Video
So to sum up which of the products I would definitely be buying again 

– Dooleys Hand Sanitizer – Dooleys Disenfectant Cleaner Pet Safe – Teepols Tag Fresh Air Fresheners – Dooley’s Anti Bac Shampoo and Natures Menu Hunter Supefood Sachets 👍

Next week….How I get lucky with IPhone photography and how I edit photos for Social Media ❤️🐶🐾

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Keep Adventuring S&J xx

Product Review: Dooleys and Teepol 

Hello people, 

I’m amazed that I’m actually on time with this post and have managed to get myself in order to post again, a week after my last post! 

All of the opinions below are my own ….let’s begin. 

This weeks post is centred around some products from Teepol and their sister product company Dooleys Pet Care Range – whose CEO Del was kind enough to meet me at Red Paw Pet Shop in Plympton, Plymouth (all the way from Kent) to give me the passionate low down on these lovely products. He really does care about these products and knows that they would do well under review.

Brought about from a need to provide his own dog with some personal hygiene products that would not, just mask odours but get rid of them (catering for Dooleys curly coat and his obvious love for a muddy puddle as well) Del decided to use his larger company Teepol (which provides high quality cleaning and hygiene products for larger companies including the NHS) to start and make products that are pet friendly and most importantly, definitely not tested on animals.

All products were tested by battersea dogs homes residents and were very much approved 😀

The range of products can be found on the links above but I will be reviewing a few this week and continue next week- I would like to stress that if I didn’t like any of the products I would adamantly say so –

Teepol Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

I was very happy with this product from the beginning after being told that it contains added glycerine to help maintain softer hands during multiple applications. 

As a dog walker and an owner of a dog who is currently recovering from a major operation – I was in need of a hardworking product that was kind to my hands. I have used this product continuously over the past 3 weeks . It has performed very well and I still have half of the bottle left. Only a small amount is needed to get full coverage and I particularly like the zip line clip which you can add to it so that you can lend it to others whilst out and about when it is still clipped to your belt. 

It really did feel a lot nicer than your average hand sanitizer as multiple usages can dry your hands out, with the excessive alcohol but I was more than happy to use this especially whilst administering first aid to my dog and my hands definitely felt nicer after applying it.

I have previously been using sanitizer wipes in my car whilst out walking dogs but this is a very positive addition to my “dog bag” that I use when out and when my hands are usually full with dogs it is very handy to have it clipped onto your belt. I will be getting some more of this when it runs out!

Dooleys Disinfectant Cleaner – Apple Fresh

I have used this product multiple times over the past month and have only used about a third of the 500ml bottle, which I must say that all of these Dooleys products are very generous in size and also come in larger 5 litre bottles if you had larger areas such as kennels or kitchens to clean. 

This is a foaming disenfectant with a strong Apple fragrance perfect for hard and washable surfaces for example dog food prep areas, tiled flooring and grooming equipment as well as ceramic bathroom surfaces.

I used it to clean my bathroom as well as my kitchen surfaces and crates in my work vehicle. I have a few videos ​below showing before and after (I genuinely only used a paper towel after leaving it on the surfaces for 45 seconds ).




​It really left the bathroom smelling really nice for at least 24hours after I used it and I would definitely recommend this to people who want an animal friendly disenfectant cleaner that is multi purpose/ multi room and not tested on animals- I will be keeping this in the food prep areas and maybe in the car as well.

Dooleys Honey and Coconut Bacterial Shampoo

We have used this bacterial shampoo twice over the last couple of weeks on two of our dogs with completely different coats. Molly our wire haired Jack Russell with no undercoat and Milo our Sproodle (Springer Spaniel cross Poodle) with a dense yet fluffy curly coat. 
Here are some before and after pics- 

Molly normally has a very dry yellowy coat when she hasn’t be washed for a while and we found that it left her with a nice white fluffy coat which was quite soft- I particularly liked the smell as it was subtle but sweet which made Molly nice and girly. It was not greasy at all and only needed a small amount to lather up.

Milo loved his bath – the shampoo dealt with his permanent muddy disposition and left him smelling much less damp and did not leave his coat flat- he was lovely and fluffy after we dried him off(which takes an age!)

Joe (my husband ) also found that by placing a small amount into a spritzer bottle with warm water that it rivals some of the more expensive “dog spritzers” (like stink bomb by animology) for an everyday spruce up for dirty dogs – (having curly hair himself – Joe also recommends the spray on his own hair!!) 

So it’s a thumbs up from us👍

Next week we will continue this product review with Tag fresh air freshener and Dooleys Universal cleaner and Biological Lemon Odour Remover

All products above can be recycled

Keep Adventuring

S&J xx

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Dogs At Weddings 

Sooo 6 weeks between posts is better than 9 months I guess – I’m so sorry – I really am trying to narrow it down to once a fortnight but have been waiting for photos to arrive on a usb – anywho….

As you know, we got married about  9 weeks ago and as obvious dog nutters – we knew from the beginning that we were going to have 5 dogs present at our wedding and it was that fact alone that decided where we got married. 

It’s pretty clear that having furry loved ones present at weddings is becoming increasingly popular and more often than not the norm, especially amongst couples without children already in tow.

Really only one of our 3 dogs was reliable enough to be allowed to take part in the day itself but the others were on site and around after the ceremony. We had our 3 – my best friends Dalmatian and Joes parents Jack Russell who were all really good – especially Joe’s best man and ring bearer Scout. 

Find more dogs at weddings photos here 🐾
And an article on planning your day to include your pooch – from Glitzy Secrets 🐶💍
The reason we wanted our dogs present is pretty obvious really – our little lives really do revolve around them and if they are not happy I’m not happy – it’s simple, so Scout had to be with Joe as he wouldn’t leave his sight without going crazy as well as the other dogs – who would have hated to have been left behind back in Plymouth.

Overall they all had a nice relaxed day and as we had a small amount of guests which helped prevent them from getting overwhelmed – also they were all people they already knew so this made them more relaxed.

I would just advise people who want their dog present – to go for it as most celebrants are very accommodating these days, make sure the dogs are not overwhelmed or stressed out by the goings on on the day and make sure you let them sit with someone they know whilst you say your vows as well as making sure they have lots of lovely photos with you when you are all done! Enjoy it together- I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

I would love to see if anyone else had their pets (it doesn’t have to be dogs necessarily ) at their big day- shows us some pics at our

 Facebook page – Adventure With Dogs

Gosh what handsome Devils! 

Keep Adventuring 

S & J xx

…. Next Blog Post – Product Reviews and an Instagram giveaway at 1000 followers on our sister site; About Town Petcare 👍🐾🐶💓

Skybase & Our Wedding

Im so sorry it has been 9 months since I last posted anything and I feel atrocious for not having posted sooner but I be will making a concious effort to blog at least once a month or even pushing it and trying twice a month, but I will see how it goes. Famous last words right!?

So the first topic I’m picking up on taking the motor home to our wedding in Scotland. If you haven’t already noticed on my social media feeds, me and Joe got married on August 15th of this year- at Morenish House overlooking Loch Tay in Scotland.

It was a beautifully laid back day with spectacular views and good weather. It could not have gone any better really – even though I was a nervous wreck, Joe (who is a notorious worrier) was very chilled out and even made time to jump his bmx bike down the aisle! 

The main reason for travelling all the way from Plymouth in Devon to Killin in Scotland was because, after previously visiting a friend in Glasgow the year before – a flippant comment in passing ” yes you can get married wherever you want in Scotland as long as the celebrant can cover the venue” I knew I wanted to come back up to Scotland for the sheer scenic aspect of it all.

I had decided that I wanted a wedding adventure and wasn’t to thrilled when quoted for wedding venues down in Devon when I could book a scenic venue in Scotland , for a whole week, for the price of a day and a half in my local area. So my heart was set- it just needed to be ;

  • Scenic
  • Allow up to five dogs (including other family members dogs)
  • Sleep 23 people including 2 infants
  • Be available in the school holidays

Not asking much right? – so that left me with two potential venues a country manor in Scotland or a farm in Wales. 

Luckily the Scottish venue was available – now I just needed to persuade my family members to come all of that way and obtain a campervan to get myself and Joe with the three dogs plus all of our wedding decorations to the actual venue (a journey of 12 hours roughly).

To cut a long story short joes parents gifted us the money for our wedding present motor home and we found one in Southampton which was a perfect and more importantly reliable fit for us- Skybase the motor home was born.It just needed to get us to Scotland!

I’m not going to lie packing the van was an ordeal but it was packed to the brim and ready to go -the dogs had to endure an arduous rainy trip but we stopped several times and gave ourselves 2 days to get there and had an extra trip to Perth to collect our marriage schedule (as the local registry office was only open once a week).

The scenery on the way up was beautiful and I couldn’t help myself but talk in a northern accent all the way to the Scottish border and obviously a Scottish accent from then on!! I’m such a nerd – But we made it – everyone else had gotten there before us but we had made our first epic trip in Skybase and the dogs really quite enjoyed it- and so did we . Here are some lovely photos of the day including adventure scout who was Joes best man and carried the rings for us and a few of the cake (complete with plastic dog replicas as toppers)  and adventure Molly hanging out with her favourite people. Adventure milo was too squirmy to take photos of him in his bow tie!

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Keep Adventuring x

S & J

Happy New Year….here’s to another year of adventures

Hello again,


Sorry if it’s been too long again,  between buying Christmas presents and eating lots of food, there have not been very many days of sunshine to get out and about as much we would have liked however with the new year around the corner we will make resolutions that we will try to keep.

Here at Adventure Dogs UK we are hoping to get out more and do more photography, regardless of the weather and visit new places a bit further a field….even as far as purchasing a camper van in 2016 so we can do just that….we shall see how that goes 🙂

Also I’m hoping to involve more Go Pro action in this blog and other people’s adventure dogs as well as trying my hand a bit of Periscoping in the new year 🙂

So with next year just around the corner please enjoy some pictures from our most recent jaunt on our favourite beach at Mothecombe Beach in South Devon.

Keep Adventuring.:)


Sorry it’s been so long….

Hello again everyone,

I’m really sorry there has been somewhat of a blogging drought here at Adventure Dogs UK, I’m afraid that due to the lack of inspirational weather and a lot of work on at the moment I’ve not really had the time. Today however has been a lovely sunny day which allowed me to take my camera out and take some nice photos whilst out for a walk at Bovisands to Jennycliff Beach. Unfortunately due to the recent bad weather over the past few days, the beach was actually closed off due to erosion issues so today’s post will basically be an excuse for some more photos of our mid October visit to Tregantle and Withnoe beach.

What do you adventure types do during down time or rainy days when the weather is horrendous….which happens quite often during Autumn and Winter here in the Southwest UK?

I promise I wont leave it so long til the next post…. I have some ideas coming up – other peoples adventure dogs/rainy day activities/winter adventures)

Speak soon….

Keep Adventuring.X.


Local Beaches – Dragging out the summer!

Hello again,

Today’s post is about more local beaches that we have enjoyed over the last couple of weeks. We are so lucky to have these beaches, no more than half an hour away from our home. Also with the added bonus of it being out of “holiday season”, it means that the majority of the dog beach bans are now lifted as of October 1st. This is our favourite beach combing time of year! 🙂

We visited Wembury beach and whilst there is a National Trust car park that charges £4.50 all day parking you can park around the corner (not on Saturdays) within the church car park. then either find a spot on the main beach, visit the cafe or marine conservation centre. We continued on along the south-west coastal path to the right as on this particular day there were the last of the holiday makers making the most of the late appearance of the sun.

Continuing along the path past the riding stable there are several points at which to access the lesser visited coves, which tend to have fewer people on them. Perfect for team fetch and our adventure dogs to stretch their legs at full speed. On this occasion we had Heidi the yellow labrador along for the day trip. 🙂

This is such a good place for rock pooling but be careful of the rising tide as the water line comes quite high up towards the path. Below are pictures from our fun day at Wembury Beach in Devon:

DSCF5759 DSCF5760 DSCF5761 DSCF5762 DSCF5763 DSCF5764 DSCF5765 DSCF5766 DSCF5767 DSCF5770 DSCF5787 DSCF5797 DSCF5801 DSCF5803 DSCF5804 DSCF5806 DSCF5807 DSCF5811 DSCF5815

I should also note that the graveyard at Wembury church is one of the most photogenic/prettiest i have ever been too!

Next, we visited Bovisand, again about 30 minutes from where we live. This is a very busy beach with fellow dog walkers and we kind of miss timed our visit so that the tide was in and therefore there wasn’t a lot of space on the actual beach for a hooligan group of 4 barking, excitable dogs! (we took little Alfie with us on this day trip).

This beach is quite a nice sheltered beach with direct access to the holiday park (which is strictly no dogs allowed apparently). This is an occasional surf spot when the other more popular spots are too big the locals frequent this beach for smaller waves so keep an eye out for them. This is also a nice little beach for a rainy day as it’s not to far from Plymouth and is virtually dead on a rainy day .You can park at the top of the path and visit the small cafe at the weekends.

DSCF5818 DSCF5823 DSCF5824 DSCF5825 DSCF5827 DSCF5828 DSCF5832 DSCF5833

Speak to you all soon….Keep Adventuring


Double Adventure – Callington & Grenofen Walk 2

Sorry everyone,

I’m going to blame the absolute lack of summer weather lately for the lack of posting over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been very busy, also, with my small business with my partner doing a lot of night shifts I have not had the time in the evening to post blogs. So to make up for up for it this week I will mention our double adventures.

Last weekend and during this week we have visited a short walk in Callington on the Devon/Cornwall border. It’s a fairly shorter walk than what we are used to but we had Boo and Bobby with us and it was more than enough for them. We accessed this heritage site from nearby the C play park where we parked on the road and went through a turnstile gate. There were several ruins of former tin mines or ‘wheals’ along the way and we had to go for a climb. We will hopefully go to Cothele, which is very near here next time we venture out this way as it is meant to be a lovely walk. Below are some of our mini first adventure pics…..

DSCF5639 DSCF5641 DSCF5643 DSCF5648

DSCF5653 DSCF5658 DSCF5661

DSCF5666 DSCF5667 DSCF5668 DSCF5669

DSCF5672 DSCF5677 DSCF5680 DSCF5681

This week we have also visited our alternative weekend walk out at Grenofen near Tavistock. It is our alternative to a beach walk, especially at the weekend when everywhere else seems to be very busy. This place is so peaceful and we saw 2 people all afternoon. It’s the kind of walk that only the locals would know about as it is down a public bridleway next to the beautiful Ever After Estate . So to most people this pathway looks like a private drive 🙂 ….just the way we like it. This side of the Walkham river is a lot more accessible and not as muddy and there are plenty of smaller paths to try out. I’m going to go as far as to say this is my new favourite woodland walk. This walk will continue all the way to Tavistock if you continue for about 2 more miles. So this could potentially be an all day trek if you wanted 🙂 Lets also just mention how nice was the weather today!!

Below are some pictures from our Grenofen 2 walk:

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Keep on Adventuring 🙂

I wont leave it so long next time…promise.x